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The City, boob city for The Rumpus Nov.2018

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The Covent' Illo for The Rumpus Nov 2018 published next week

The Island by Maggie Cooper Illustration 2 Skeleton

The Island;by Maggie Cooper, Illustration for the rumpus

CAN-CER-VIVE The Breast Cancer Awareness Month for The Rumpus

EQUALITY for women and men 2018

The Perfect Childhood' coming in Sept. for The Rumpus' publication

Links:REVIEW & PODCAST with the Valley Advocate on cutting Plastic out of my life!

All The Reasons I texted My Rapist, by Jessica Blankenship, Published for The #5

NO means NO The #4 published June 19, 2018, story link here

Apartment in Williamsburgh,Bklyn, NY Published for The Rumpus #2