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The Nation magazine on their OppArt section my Editorial Illustration of the day

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DON'T EAT THE PLASTIC, My first children's book published with Olympia Publishers, pub date: Feb. 25, 2021, ORDER BOOK HERE:

Covid 19 mental illness, addiction and isolation in 2021

Money is God - God is Money, new piece to be published on Monday with The Rumpus

'Rising Tides Lifts All Boats', a quote JFK used and Biden's hopes to unite America

The Dogs are Back in the White House 2021

" KKKApital Fence " Inauguration Day, Jan. 20, 2021

The Nation magazine OPPArt section published Jan 29th Link included

Climate in Crisis' Drawing for New Series called HOME 2021

An excerpt from Jessica Lind Peterson's debut essay collection 'Dear G.B.' three illustrations

Superstition Review Issue #26 with Arizona State University

The Nation OPPART Page with my poster WHEN WE VOTE WE WIN

Sacred Stories' with writer Sara Kasbeer on MEMOIR MONDAY



The Rumpus, Original Fiction June 2020

What Happens to Girls' The Rumpus

Original Fiction with The Rumpus

Illustrations for ' What Happens to Girls ', with writer Rebeccca Mckana

George Floyd's murder by police man

Police treatment on black and people of color vs. white people during the Pandemic in America

Police brutality and treatment on black and on people of color in Americans vs white people

Radical Enough image four Struggles

Radical Enough image three Animal abuse in the meat markets

Radical Enough image two on Memoir Monday


AMPLIFIER ORGANIZATION GLOBAL POSTER CONTEST- my poster addressing both the pandemic and the environment

Thank you #Heroes In-honor of our Nurses on the front-lines of the pandemic Covid-19


Anger, Autism and Blackness sister and friend with Kat Lewis The Rumpus

Anger, Autism and Blackness written by Kat Lewis

3rd Place Poster Contest Winner for the Greater Boston Women's Vote Centennial (presented by Mayor Walsh's Office of Women's Advancement) Boston City Hall, Boston, MA

WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE ~Women's Right To Vote See this poster on the 'Opp Art Weekly' page of 'The NATION' Thursday, March 5

Illustrations for A Political Pregnancy with writer Jennifer Case. A short story of an unwanted pregnancy in the Trump Era. Abortion rights, women's rights, family values and marriage.

A Political Pregnancy

A Political Pregnancy with writer Jennifer Case

A Political Pregnancy with Jennifer Case

Illustration for T. Kira Madden Mr. Burley Original Fiction for The Rumpus

Original Fiction: Mr. Burley New Illustrations for writer, T. Kira Madden

STRICT DISTRICT MEATS writer Sheila Squillante for a new column called Food and Family addresses our relationships with food, memories, members of ones family.

Strip District Meats by writer Sheila Squillante for Food and Family column

STRIP DISTRICT MEATS by writer SHEILA SQUILLANTE for new column FOOD and Family