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                                                     Dara Herman Zierlein
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2019  Mothers, Mothering, and the Environment, Published Cover Art
The Maternal in Discourse & Activism, Anthology, Academic Publications,
Demeter Press, co-editors, Rebecca Bromwich & Maryellen Symons

2019  Rock & Sling Magazine, Cover Art and Featured Artist, Editor, Thom Caraway, Whitworth University Press

2018 Boston University, Center for Humanities, Boston, MA, Humanities Approach to the Opiate Crisis’ Art show, Oct.17th -Nov.26

2018 Human Impact Institute, Creative Climate Awards Nominee, Art exhibition, NYC, Sept. 17th-Oct. 12th

2018  Hosmer Gallery, Northampton, MA, June-July  
review by Gina Beavers, Art & Culture editor, The Valley Advocate
Here is the review of the exhibition in Hosmer Gallery

2018 MER Publication, NYC, Vol. 16, Art, editor Marjorie Tesser, 

2018 Curator’s Platform at Galatea Fine Arts, Boston, MA, ' Echoes '
WCA Boston Group Exhibition, Feb-March

2018 Hampshire College, Amherst, MA, ' Visiting Artist ' Art and Activism, March

Press ~ Interviews

July 2018 Advocate PODCAST Art & Activism conversation with editors Gina Beavers and Dave
Einsenstadler on ‘CUTTING PLASTIC OUT’

June 2017 Korean, Political Poster

June 2017 RESIST Vol. 2, Tabloid editors, Francoise Mouly, The New Yorker, & Nadja Spiegelman, writer

Jan. 2017 Aplus Culture Section

May 2017 THE EARTH ISSUE Magazine, Featured Artists

September 2016 MY PLASTIC FREE LIFE: Featured Artist
written by, Beth Terry

May 2016 1MILLION Women Featured Artist
written by, Steph Newman
April 2015 UniteWomen: Art and Writing ‘Voices: An Artist's Perspective’  pg167 Art image, pg187,writings,'Women's rights', curator, K. Gutfreund

Sept. 2014 The Washington Post: Article on Group Exhibition
written by, Mark Jenkins

April 2013 Butterfly, for Moms who want to spread their wings:
written by, Kevin Owen

Sept. 2012 LOST IN LIVING:  Featured Artist
written by, Mary Trunk

written by, Kathryn Roy


April 2012 The Body -Nothing Else
written by, Ria Vanden Eynde

Board Member
2018 Northampton Arts Council, Northampton, MA
2007-08 Amherst Community Art Center, Amherst MA

Selected Group Exhibitions & Print

2017 Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, MA, ‘Green Arts Festival Art Exhibition, Oct.28-Nov.11,North Gallery,
Opening Reception, Oct. 28th.
2017 Massachusetts State House, Boston, MA, ‘Breaking Barriers, 
(Mass office of Disability's) juried art and awards event Nov.14th-26th
2017 Faneuil Library, Brighton, MA 'HEAT ,WCA Boston Group Exhibition
2017 Worcester Historical Museum, Art Collection, ‘Women's March Posters
2017 Center For The Study of Political Graphics, Culver City, California, Art Archive, Political Posters
2017 RESIST Newspaper: March on Tumbler -Images selected' Baby New Years Plastic World' New York City
editor, Françoise Mouly, The New Yorker and Nadja Spiegelman
2017  Gambling the Aisle, Issue #11, pgs 5, 15, 38, Den.Colorado
editor Jenna Park
2017  ART UNITED. Org New York City, web-site for social justice, member
2017 Mom EGG Review Issue #15 , New York City, Journal Cheif editor, Marjorie Tesser
2014 Water: A Universal Human Right, CWCA, Juried Art Exhibition, The State Street Gallery at Robert Morris University, Chicago, Illinois, 
curator, Indira Freitas Johnson
2014 Lines Drawn: American artist look beyond the red, white and blue,
Charles Krause Reporting Fine Art,
curator and gallery of Charles Krause, Washington, DC.
2013 Bodies By Design, Modification, Coercion and Resistance,
Women's International Juried Art Exhibition, Koehnline Museum of Art, Des Plaines, Illinois,
Exhibition curator, 
Judy A. Langston
2013 Stories We Tell, WCA National Juried Exhibition, Phoenix Gallery, NYC,
Juror, Jessica Porter
2012 Women's Rights: An Artist Perspective, Juried Exhibition, Unitewomen, Pam Foster Gallery, Maryland,
curator Karen Teegarden and Karen Gutfreund
2012 Voices: An Artist 's Perspective, Juried Exhibition,,
Curator and exhibition director, Karen Gutfreund, Gallery 5, NYC, Jurors, Joan Mcloughlin and Amanda L.Uribe




2017 National Women Caucus of Art " Featured Artist", July 1-July, 31.Art
2017 By Their Fruits, Paddle8, Auction, Planned Parenthood, Jan-Feb. Art
2015 River Valley Co-op, 'Thoughts in Pictures', Solo Exhibition, Dec.1-31,
Northampton, MA
2015 Mills Art Project Space, Easthampton, MA, 'Mother(ing)', Aug 12-28, Group Exhibition, Curator, Hannah Davidson
2015 National Association of Women Artists, New York, NY, ‘Voices: 'An Artists Perspective', April 1st-April 30th, Juried Group Exhibition, Curator, Karen Gutfreund
2015 McGroarty Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 'Earth, Air, Fire and Water Art exhibition',Feb.23rd -Mar. 30th, Group Exhibition, Curator, Daniel Eubank and Sandra Muller
2014 Charles Kraus Reporting Fine Art, Washington, D.C. ‘Lines Drawn, Oct 12th-Nov 30th, 'Americas artists look beyond the politics of red and blue', Juried Group Exhibition and catalog, Curator, Charles Kraus
2014 Unitewomen, Washington, D.C.'Stories We Tell ', September. 2014, Juried International Exhibition, Group exhibition and catalog,
Curator, Karen Gutfreund
2014 Robert Morris University Gallery, Chicago, IL,'Water: A Universal Human Right', Feb-March, CWCA Juried International Exhibition, Group exhibition and catalog, Curator, Indira Freitas Johnson
2014 Koehnline Museum, Oakton Community College, Des Plaines, IL, Juried Exhibition,'Bodies by Design', Sept-Nov, Group exhibition and catalog, curator Judy Langston
2014 M.O.M, Museum of Motherhood, ' The Art of Motherhood', NYC, Juried Group Exhibition, Feb-March
2013 Pelham Library, Pelham, MA,'Solo Exhibition', ‘Narrative Watercolors, June-July
2013 WorldFest, Lake Balboa, California 'An Environmentalist Exhibition', May 5th- 15th, Juried Group Exhibition, Curator, Lawrence Ziese
2013 Unitewomen, Washington, D.C,Juried Group Exhibition and catalog
Women’s Rights’ An Artist’s Perspective’, Feb.-April, Curator, Pam Foster Gallery
2013 Bunker Hill Community College, Boston, MA ‘The Other ‘F’ Word’,March -April, J uried Group exhibition, Curator, Lisa Montgomery
2013 Uncharted Gallery, Lowell, MA, ‘Conception‘ Group Exhibition: Jan-Feb, Curator, Giovanna Aviles
2012 Amnesty International Poster Contest 'No More Impunity' 10th Place Line Up
2012 Whoospace Gallery, Northampton, MA, Pop-Up Exhibit, September 14-16
Gender’, Group Exhibition, Curator, Chris Gusek
2012 Whoospace Gallery, Northampton, MA, Pop-Up Art Exhibition, June 7-17, Multi-media exhibition of Women Artists ‘SUPERMOM Unveiled’, Curator, Dara Herman Zierlein
2011 Etta Art Gallery, Amherst, MA, Paintings & Drawings ‘The Modern Artists' Group Exhibition’, Curator, Dara Herman Zierlein
2010 Etta Art Gallery, Amherst, MA, Watercolor Paintings, May- July, ‘Comic Art' Group Exhibition, Curator, Dara Herman Zierlein
2010 The Rant Gallery, Chicopee, MA, 'The Female Gender' Show, Group Exhibition, Sept- Nov., Curator, Chris Gusek
2009 The Lane family Reading Room Gallery, Sunderland Library Trust, Sunderland, MA,'Narrative Watercolors’,Solo Exhibition, Grant Recipient 
2007 The Burnett Gallery, Amherst, MA, Hosted by Amherst Community Art Center, 'Watercolor Artists', Group Exhibition’, Curator, Jana Silver
2005 The Jones Library, Amherst, MA, Watercolor Paintings ‘Group Exhibition’
2003 The Guild Art School, Northampton, MA, 'Painting and Sculpture', Sept-Oct
2003 The Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA, Hosted by, Guild Art Studio Dec-Jan, ‘Group Exhibition, teachers show’
1998-2000 92nd Street Y, NYC, Hall Gallery, ‘Painters’ Group Exhibition’ Curator, Bob Kaplan
1996 D&D Building, NYC, Greenblatt Gallery, 'Drawing Prints', Group Exhibition, Curator, Danny Greenblatt
1995, 96, 97 Designer&Decorating Building, NYCAmbience Gallery, NYC, 'Modern Sculptors', Group Exhibition, Curator, Isabel Mitchell
1994 Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC , The Macy Gallery, Watercolor paintings ‘MA Thesis SOLO Graduate Exhibition', April-May
1993 Agora Gallery, Soho, NYC, Sculptures and Paintings, June-July, Juried International Exhibition
1992 Shaeffer Gallery, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, May-June,
Solo BFA Graduate Exhibition-Sculptures’


2011  Art EZ Spring Grant, Northampton Arts Council , 'Supermom Unveiled' Exhibition, Northampton, MA -Exhibition date summer 2012
2010  Mask Making and Movement for Teens, Belchertown Cultural Council, Belchertown Teen Center, Belchertown, MA 
2009  Art for All Program- special needs, Bang Center, Special Courses Privately Funded,
Bang Center, Amherst, MA                          

2009  Sunderland Library Trust  Grant Recipient, Solo Exhibition and Art program
2007  Mask Making, Kindergarten Classes, Belchertown, MA, Belchertown Cultural council, Cold Springs Elementary School, Belchertown, MA

2006, ‘09,‘10  Mask Making and Story Telling for Kindergarten, Belchertown Cultural Council, Cold Springs Elementary School, Belchertown, MA 
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